So what is Windsor Hills Best?

This site was built to enable Windsor Hills homeowners to receive more traffic on their personal rental websites and to make it very easy for potential guests to find high quality vacation rental homes and reputable owners at the click of a mouse.

WHB is a personal rental website linking service that ranks high in Google, Yahoo, etc. searches for Windsor Hills. We are a highly search engine visible web portal that points the way directly to a listed site member's rental website.

Most personal rental websites especially the do it yourself ones do not get picked up by search engines and are forever lost in cyberland never to be seen by anyone unless they know the direct link to it. This is because they lack the proper background coding necessary for the search engine algorithms to lock onto them. Llsting your website here is a very cost effective means to getting more traffic sent your way simply because search engines will see us long before they ever see your site.

WHB does not provide an all listings 'easy button' for renters like the others all do and that's because they are in our opinion counterproductive and frustrating. Here, the inquiries are generated from your own website's contact page after we show an interested potential guest the quick path to get there. There may be less actual inquiries received in the long run, but every single one we help you get is going to be a solid one interested in your property only!  What would you rather have? Useless time wasting low rate fishing inquiries that never reply back or the real deal?


* You must be the actual owner of record of each Windsor Hills property you want promoted here which will be verified via Osceola County tax records. Rental agents, property mancos, or any other 3rd party entities pretending to be the actual property owner are not allowed to list on this site!

* Your posted minimum accepted rates must be within the same ballpark as other WHB listings in your particular category of vacation home. Occasional short term promotional specials excepted. In other words, don't seriously lowball or undercut your fellow site members as a normal way of doing business.

* You must have a personal vacation rental website designed to promote your own WH property that we can link your listing to. If your website promotes properties at other Disney area resorts that you own as well, the page that we link to must be for your Windsor Hills property exclusively!


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for an online membership application form.

Site membership and linking to an existing personal rental site is $150.00 per listing for the first year and a very reasonable $100.00 per listing for each year afterwards which then boils down to about 8 bucks and change a month. Listing on here is worth a lot more than that in increased web exposure alone. If you don't think so, then go elsewhere to some fancy full of themselves big name vacation rental site and get royally ripped off month after month. WHB is a labor of love designed to help WH homeowners unlike the others that are strictly designed to help only themselves.

If you need a personal rental site made, we can do something for you similar to this one:

If so please indicate on the membership application form.

A single page site like the above is $325.00. The price includes design, setup, hosting on our server, and listing on WHB for one year.

The annual hosting fee is then $50.00 afterwards in addition to the WHB membership fee.

Sorry, we no longer do elaborate multi page sites full of eye candy and bandwidth robbing fancy doodads. If that's what you really feel that you need, then we suggest that you enlist the services of a professional web designer proficient in the latest technology.

Thank you for your interest in Windsor Hills Best.........


If it is found that any site member is deliberately not upholding the high business standards expected of a WHB homeowner, are seriously lowballing everybody else, are scammers causing ruined guest vacations, are generating repeated complaints to the community because of the riff raff and troublemakers they are bringing in....... their listing (s) will be removed forever without notice or refund!

Bottom line......Unlike other so-called full of themselves Windsor Hills 'owners' sites that accept anybody and everybody on their listings without question, WHB is uniquely different. We actually give two hoots about the community's reputation.